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A person who has been a bonafide resident of the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha and in opinion of the Managing Committee, is well mannered and of good character and has full faith in the objects of the association shall be eligible to become a member.

Type Of Members

Following types of membership shall be granted by the Association on fulfillment of conditions specified hereinafter.

Patron Member
Fellow Member
Associate Member
Honorary Member

In order to become a Patron member a person, fulfilling the eligibility criteria, will have to pay Rs. 100000/- and in order to become Fellow member a person fulfilling the eligibility criteria will have to pay Rs. 11000/-. In order to become an Associate member a person, fulfilling the eligibility criteria, will have to pay Rs. 1100/-
The Managing Committee may confer Honorary membership on any individual having considerable experience of social service, deserving the honour and having distinguished record. However, the maximum numbers of such Honorary Members shall not exceed Ten (10) at any given time and the tenure of such Honorary Member shall be of one year.
Application for Membership
i) The Association shall prescribe an application form setting forth such particulars and information therein, required for the membership
ii) Any eligible person who wishes to become a member of the Association shall have to fill up the prescribed form for membership duly furnishing all the particulars contained therein
iii) Every application should be recommended by at least two members of the Association.
iv) The Managing Committee shall have discretion to grant or refuse membership of the Association. Until the member is actually enrolled, he shall not be entitled to exercise his membership rights.
Online Application form will be provided at this point.

At the end of online application form a check box “I have read the Rules and Regulation of the association and agree to abide” will be provided. It will be mandatory for every applicant to check mark that box. “rules and Regulation” will be a clickable link and clicking on that will display the following text”

Rules and Regulation
i) The Managing Committee, on having received a valid application, shall consider the same and inform its decision to the applicant, within one month of the date of the Managing Committee meeting held after the date of receipt of such application, of acceptance of membership by it or otherwise.
ii) The Managing Committee, if deem fit, may refuse an application for membership without assigning any reason to the applicant.  However in case of refusal of application for membership, the amount paid towards membership fee shall be refunded within 15 days of such decision of refusal.
i) The Managing Committee may remove a member, from membership of the Association, who has stolen, purloin, or embezzled any money or other property, or indulge in such activities or behavior which is derogatory to the Association, or willfully and maliciously destroy or injure any property of Association or who has been convicted for any offence involving moral turpitude or has forged any deed, bond, security for money, receipt, or other instrument, whereby the funds of the Association or the RVG may be exposed to loss.
ii) The Managing Committee may also expel a member who falls under one or more criteria of cessation from membership, but has not resigned voluntarily.  However before exercising its authority to expel, the Managing Committee shall give a chance to the member concerned to tender his resignation.
iii) The Secretary shall inform, in writing, of such removal/expulsion, to the member concerned, within 30 days of such decision of the Managing Committee.
Cessation from Membership

A Member shall cease to be a member of the Association also in the following circumstances :

On acceptance of resignation, or
On removal from membership, or
On expulsion from membership by the Managing Committee.
On being declared as insolvent.

A member shall have no right to claim for refund of membership fee or any other donation or gift made by him to the Association on cessation of his membership
Register of Members
The Managing Committee shall keep or cause to be kept a register of its members containing following particulars
a) Full name and address of each member.
b) Date of birth.
c) Date of admission to membership.
d) Date of cessation of membership
e) Native Place.
f) Membership Number.
g) Period of stay in the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha.
h) Any other particulars, if any.

Every member shall be entitled to inspect the Register of Members by prior appointment with the Secretary.

i) The members can participate in the meetings and programmes meant for the members of the Association.
ii) A member, except an honorary member, shall have right to one vote, in election for formation of the Managing Committee, and on any matter / resolution which have been put to vote in the general meetings.
iii) A member can inspect statutory records including Books of Account of the Association with prior appointment with the officer concerned.
iv) A member can suggest appropriate steps for improvement for propagating the objects of the Association.
Every Member shall have the following duties :
i) To use, as far as possible, the English or national language in the meetings and correspondences.
ii) To remain, as far as possible, present at every meeting of the Association..
iii) To propagate and abide by the rules and regulations of the Association and undertake to work for carrying out any object of the Association. A member shall also be duty bound to refrain from acting against the objects of the Association.
iv) A member shall be duty bound to use his skills and means to spread the sense of duty and devotion for upliftment of the Association.
v) A member shall be duty bound to maintain due decorum while asking questions etc. in all meetings.  In normal circumstances a member should send his queries etc. to the Secretary in advance of at least 72 hours, so that these may be answered in the forthcoming meeting.
vi) A member shall never use vulgar language while discussing any issue or make any personal allegation, accusation to any other member, or pass any defamatory remarks towards any member. If any member indulged into such behavior, he shall be liable for removal / expulsion as stated in para 5 of chapter 2 above.
i) The Administrative body of the Association shall be called as “Managing Committee”
ii) The Management & movable Assets of the Association shall vests with the Managing Committee.
iii) The Managing Committee shall consist of 15 (Fifteen) members. Out of this 5 (Five) Members shall be nominated by the Board of Trustees of Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha, Mumbai out of the members of their managing Committee and 10 (Ten) from the elected members of the Association.
iv) The Managing Committee shall elect following office bearers from amongst themselves :
One President.
Two Vice presidents.
One General Secretary.
One Joint Secretary
One Treasurer.
An elected member of the Managing Committee would be eligible for appointment only once in a lifetime to hold each of the offices and their term of the office shall be of two years for each office.
The Term of a Managing Committee shall be of 2 years. However the first Managing Committee shall be appointed by the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha, whose tenure shall be of a period of one year. First Managing Committee shall ensure that proper general elections of the members of the Association for the Managing Committee are held within their tenure and proper charge is handed over to the elected Managing Committee.
iv) The Managing Committee may also decide to appoint a Joint Treasurer or such other officers as it may deem fit to carry out its functions
vi) TheManaging      committee,ifdeem fit, in order to carry out the                                       objects may form sub-committee/s and shall define their area of operation, rights and responsibilities
       Any sub-committee, if formed, shall function within the overall supervision and control of the Managing Committee.
Powers and Duties of the Managing Committee
The Managing Committee   shall have generally all powers, required to protect all properties & assets of the Association and to carry out the objects and to manage day to day affairs of the Association.
i) It shall do all such things, act, and deeds in order to propagate the objects of the Association. It shall define the duties of the office bearers through proper resolution in meetings of the Managing Committee from time to time.
ii) It shall issue necessary instructions to the office bearers and officers of the Association. The office bearers shall be duty bound to carry out the instructions of the Managing Committee.
iii) It shall perform all such function required to be performed without violating any laws of the Union of India, or of any other Federal state where the activities of the Association are being carried upon.
iv) It shall take decisions with simple majority except in case of removal/expulsion of a member from the Managing Committee or from the Association where such decision shall be taken with 3/4th majority of the members present in the meeting.
v) It shall issue necessary instructions and provide guidance to the office bearers and officers of the Association on any matters referred by them to the Managing Committee , where there are sharp differences of opinion among the Office bearers.
vi) It shall hold at least one meeting in every quarter and take report from the office bearers and the officers and review the progress made by the Association in each quarter.
vii) It shall guide the officers, in proper functioning of the Association from time to time.
viii) It shall consult professionals or other persons of repute where it was felt that services of professionals or other persons are necessary, before taking any decision on any such matter which requires such consultation.
ix) It shall prepare true and correct account of the affairs of the Association, for every financial year, and shall circulate the audited accounts and Auditors’ Report every year at least 15 days before the date of the General Body meeting, and shall place such audited accounts before the Annual General meetings for approval of the members.
x) It shall conduct all meetings including annual general meetings, Managing Committee   meetings only if, proper quorum is available.
xi) It shall elect a President, who shall conduct the managing committee meetings and general body meetings.  Normally, the President shall preside over the meetings, however in absence of the President; any Vice-President will preside over the meetings.   In case President and both the Vice-Presidents are absent, it shall elect any one amongst the Managing Committee members, to preside.
xii) It shall prepare an Annual Report describing therein the over all progress made by the Association in the financial year to which it relates, and circulate it along with the Financial Accounts and Auditors Report and Notice of Annual General meeting.
xiii) It shall conduct election to the Managing Committee, once in a period of two years on regular basis and in a democratic manner. It shall frame the rules for such elections and shall follow the rules as framed from time to time.
xiv) It shall submit a copy of its Annual Report, Financial Accounts, Auditors’ Report with the Board of Trustees of the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha, Mumbai within 30 days from the date of Annual General Meeting and comply with all applicable laws within time prescribed for such compliance.
xv) It shall act and take all such steps required, effectively to achieve the objects of the Association.
xvi) It shall, from time to time, define the powers and duties of all officers for proper administration of the Association, and such administrative measures shall not be inconsistent with the rules and regulations of the Association.
xvii) The elections to the Managing Committee shall be conducted in the manner and according to the procedure prescribed by the Managing Committee.
xviii) The Managing Committee shall not purchase any immovable property.
xix) Amendment in Memorandum, Rules & Regulations:- The Memorandum, Rules and Regulations of the Association could only be amended by passing a resolution in any General Meeting by 3/4th majority of the members present in such meeting and shall be effective only after approval from the Board of Trustees of the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Griha, Mumbai.